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On May 6th 2021 in Paris, the Dassault Falcon 10X ultra long-range business jet was announced, and is expected for delivery late in 2025 ($75 Million). As per Dassault, it has been designed with focus on the passenger and their comfort. As a result, it is said to feature the largest cabin in its class, accompanied with some of the most advanced technological features. From the cabin to the flight deck.

With it’s ultra long-range capabilities, flights on this aircraft can last up to and more than 15 hours. Making it a serious competitor to the Global 7500 and the G700. (1)


For the first time, Dassault and Rolls-Royce have worked together on an engine for the Falcon series. While still in development, this aircraft is equipped with two Rolls-Royce Pearl 10X turbofans with 18,000 lbs of thrust each. The engines are said to be much lighter and provide less drag.

The maximum range on this aircraft is approximately 7,500 nautical miles. With 8 passengers and 4 crew, the 10X can achieve this range at a speed of Mach 0.85. The high speed cruise on this aircraft is approximately Mach 0.90. It’s maximum Mach operating speed (MMO) is 0.925 and maximum cruise altitude is 51,000 ft. When it comes to maximum take off weight (MTOW), this aircraft can manage 115,000 lbs. (2)

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The cabin on the 10X is very spacious, and at the moment, is considered the tallest and widest in its class. The cabin measures 6 ft 8″ tall, 9 ft 1″ wide and 53 ft 10″ length. You can expect to find 38 windows (19 on each side) to help fill the cabin / fuselage with natural and abundant light. The windows are actually about 50% bigger than what is currently found on the Falcon 8X model. Providing the cabin with even more light and outdoor visibility.

Designed with space in mind. In a standard configuration. The individual passenger seats in the cabin are built to have enough room for free movement, without too much worry of getting in others way. You can also expect to find about four zones or living areas within the aircraft. Due to how much room is available, the interior is very similar to that of a small private apartment. (3)


When it comes to avionics, the 10X uses the Honeywell Primus Epic based avionics suite / flight deck. It features a dual Head-Up Display and the Enhanced Vision System (EVS) with FalconEye technology. There are also 4 additional 14″ LCD displays in the flight deck which utilize multi touch capabilities.

Overall the system is great for increased situational awareness and safety. Furthermore, you can find their signature Digital Flight Control System (DFCS), which can be found on previous models such as the 8X, 7X & 6X. The cockpit area is also very spacious and advanced when compared to previous models of Falcon aircraft.

Additional Info

  • The Pearl engines on the 10X are considered the largest and most powerful in the series.
  • The 10X has an air filtration system that is similar to that which can be found in many hospital ICUs.
  • In terms of range and maximum cruise speed. The 10X is very comparable to the Global 7500 and the Gulfstream G700.
  • The material used for the wing was changed from metal to carbon fiber. It will be the first aircraft from Dassault to offer composite wings. (4)
  • Seats in the cockpit recline into flat beds, allowing the crew or an additional pilot to rest during extended trips.
  • The baggage compartment can also hold approximately 198 ft³ of storage.
  • Another noticeable change is its T-tail. Different from the usual configuration found on Falcon aircraft. 

Our team has direct contacts with Dassault and are working closely with them, as there have been many requests received about acquisition and financing for this aircraft. To obtain more information. Contact us via email or feel free to give us a call.

*These are general specifications of the above mentioned aircraft. Please see each listing for details on their individual specifications, layout and performance.

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