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The Dassault Falcon 6x is the latest aircraft from the aviation company that is scheduled for delivery in 2022 ($47 Million). As a matter of fact, it’s a replacement to the 5X model that was previously being manufactured in late 2013. However, it was halted due to delays in development and problems with acquiring certification for the Snecma Silvercrest engine.


The 6X at a high-speed cruise of Mach 0.90 has a 5,500/10,186 km nautical mile range. That’s 300 nmi more than the 5X model that was previously being developed. At its long-range cruise speed of Mach 0.8, the Falcon 6X can direct you to almost any major business centre around the world. Such as; Beijing to San Francisco, Los Angeles to Geneva etc. While being designed to fly in the air for up to 12 hours, this puts the aircraft in competition with the Gulfstream G500 and the Bombardier Global 550. The longer range of the aircraft is due to its ultra efficient wing, which is designed to mitigate turbulence.

The flight deck uses the Honeywell EASy III avionics suite and features an enhanced digital flight control system (DFCS). Powered by two Prat & Whitney Canada Pure PW812D engines (13,500 pounds-force of thrust), which deliver 10% better fuel economy than legacy engines in their thrust class. The new aircraft has 30 windows and a cabin skylight which is a business aviation first as per Dassault.

Pressurized fuel tanks are not something new in the Falcon line of aircraft. However, the 6x is the first business jet produced by Dassault that utilizes a nitrogen-based fuel pressurization system. It is said that the aim of the system is to lower the risk of fuel tank ignition. In other words. It uses a nitrogen based system to create a somewhat of a blanket that fills the space above the remaining fuel with inert gas. As a result, this provides more secure protection against possible ignition.

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The cabin height is said to be unique and have the tallest cross section for a business jet in the market. With cabin height at 6’6 inches, width at 8’6 inches and length at over 40 feet. The 6X is wider and has the largest cross section of any purpose built business jet available. The new aircraft will have three lounge areas, seat 16 passengers and offer lots of space for interaction, privacy and relaxation.

With the first flight scheduled for early 2021 and deliveries expected in 2022, it will be interesting to see this project’s development over the next few months.

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  • One interesting feature you can find on the 6X is the mood lighting. With the ability to change and suit a particular feeling or sense of time. This can overall help passengers adjust to different time zones easier and can help reduce jet lag.
  • On March 10th 2021. The Falcon 6X had its first flight take place, from the company’s facility in Mérignac, France (near Bordeaux). The initial flight went over areas such as; operation of critical aircraft systems, aircraft handling and engine response.

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