JetSmarter AppLately we’ve been noticing more buzz towards a new method for booking private jet charters. JetSmarter is a company from Zurich that has scripted an app that enables the end user to essentially book a trip from their smart phone. The catch? Right now there is a $7,000 annual registration fee that’s required in order to use the app. The company does claim that you can get discounted empty leg trips, although thats possible with almost any operator you build a relationship with.

The app is geared towards the tech savvy adult aged 25-50, who’s on the go and doesn’t have time to wait in a phone queue. However, many websites have direct contacts to sales reps, therefore there is no queue and you get to have your questions answered immediately. Many business feel safer speaking to an individual over the phone as opposed to using digital communication (such as email, text messaging, apps etc.) Plus, in our experience, clients that phone our office tend to book more trips versus those that send in digital requests.

JetSmarter’s booking solution is very interesting and we can see it being popular among technical users on the go. Although, for $7,000/yr we know a few other places that can put you in touch with the lowest ticket prices on the market that don’t cost nearly as much (or anything at all).

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