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Private Jet Rental

If you’re looking to charter a private jet, then look no further. Blue Star Jets is known as one of the biggest and best brokers for luxury charters in the United States. They are one of the leading sources for finding the best air crafts, lowest rates and most knowledgeable sales reps in the business.

Blue Star offers many flexible alternative options such as; Share a Jet, Empty Legs, Skycard Memberships, Air Cargo and more. Plus, they have access to approximately 5,000 jets worldwide which allows them to live up to their standard of providing “any jet, at any time, at any place”. For top notch service, luxury and convenience at an affordable cost, you can look to Blue Star with confidence. They are a well established provider among business’, athletes and even the entertainment industry.

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Chartering a Corporate Jet


How to Rent an Aircraft?

1.) Understand Your Company’s Needs

Understanding your company's needs.

How many travelers? What size Aircraft? Do you need transportation to the airport? etc. For example, if you’re traveling with a large group of up to 10 people you will most likely need to use a Turboprop / Light Jet up to a Super Mid Size Jet. If you’re traveling alone or with another person, then chances are you will require a Turboprop or a Very Light Jet instead.

There are exceptions though. Traveling alone over a longer distance will sometimes require the use of a bigger aircraft. The main reason is because of fuel. Traveling in a smaller plane would require service stops which would be inconvenient and waste more time in the end.

If it’s your first time then it may be difficult to know what it is you will need, but having an idea before you get on the phone with an operator is a good idea.

2.) Find a Reputable Operator

Locate a reputable operator you can trust.

Locate a professional operator that is known for good service and safety. Only fly with FAA approved companies/pilots that consistently keep up with training and adhere to the rules and regulations.

Also, your operator should be willing to listen to your needs and provide a solution that best works for you and your company. Try to avoid operators that aren’t willing to spend the necessary time to educate and make you feel comfortable with your trip. Flying private charter is a service and it starts from the minute your operator answers the phone. A bad call could mean a bad flight.

3.) Plan Your Trip

Plan your itinerary.

You most likely already have an idea of where you’re going, but you may want to change which airport you fly in/out of, there may be an empty leg that you can catch that’s cheaper or you may need to schedule some other services when you land at your destination. Your private jet operator can inform you about all of that. Flying into a major airport can be very busy, although flying into a more private location can be less stressful and more relaxing.

Blue Star Jets

Blue Star Jets is a great place to find brokers that provide top notch customer service. They are willing to listen, educate and provide the some of the most affordable solutions for your business. We have a very close affiliation with Blue Star and can put you in touch with one of their representatives once you have completed a request for a quote.

Blue Star Jets Rental Info


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Jet Sizes & Prices

Top 5 Airports for Executive Travel in The USA
# Airport Code City State
1 Miami Intl Airport KMIA / MIA Miami Florida
2 Van Nuys Airport KVNY / VNY Van Nuys California
3 Boston Logan Intl KBOS / BOS Boston Massachusetts
4 Chicago Midway Intl Airport KMDW / MDW Chicago Illinois
5 Dulles Intl Airport KIAD / IAD Dullies Virginia


We do our best to listen to your needs so that we can provide top notch customer service. We understand that traveling is important to your business and that’s why we work so hard to get you the best flights at the most competitive prices possible. 

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