Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)


 1.) How much does a private aircraft or chartered flight generally cost?

To rent, it depends on a few factors. Airport taxes, take off/landing fees etc. On average, if you rent a light jet you’re looking at paying approx. $2,500 /hr + additional fees. To own, it depends on which aircraft you choose. Private jets usually cost in the range of 1 million all the way up to $280 million USD and more.

2.) How should I pay for my private jet or charter package?

The majority of people who purchase pay by bank wire. We accept credit card, although most of our clients try to avoid this method so they can save on credit card fees.

3.) Should I buy my own or should I rent instead?

Buying a brand new jet will give you much more flexibility than scheduling a charter. If you travel frequently, then owning your own jet will save you the hassle of calling to schedule and waiting for your charter to be ready. Also, you don’t have to worry about whether or not your preferred jet will be available when you wish to travel.

If you don’t travel much, then owning your own jet might be a waste of time and money in the long term. Having your own jet means; scheduling regular maintenance check to ensure it’s safe and up to standard, hiring a jet management company to hire a pilot and crew for the flight. Plus you have to worry about fuel, insurance, take off/landing fees, parking and storage of your aircraft.

Unless you have been chartering for years and truly have a need for one, then we would suggest renting a private jet instead (enquire about fractional ownership).

4.) What is an empty leg?

Many jets fly to destinations with no passengers while on route to pick up or drop off clients. Rather than waste gas or other services, we offer those flights as an “Empty Leg” at discounted rates compared our usual flights.

5.) How experienced are your pilots?

Executive Charter Flights only works with well qualified and professionally trained flight crews. Every flight organized by us is operated by FAA-certified pilots. Each of our captains has at least 3,000+ hours of flight time and are required to undergo training at least twice a year.

6.) If I purchase, when will I receive my new aircraft?

Unfortunately purchasing a brand new plane takes time to build. In most cases you’re looking at 12 – 36 months for completion.

7.) What is FAA approved?

FAA stands for Federal Aviation Administration. Choosing an FAA approved aircraft means that it meets the highest standards when it comes to safety.

8.) Am I able to travel with my pets?

In most cases yes. Not all aircraft allow pets on board, so it’s best to double check ahead of time before you start getting ready for your trip.

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