Executive Charter Flights has been providing businesses with access to private jet charters and private jet ownership since 2013. Over the past eight years we’ve had the opportunity to provide our services to many consumers nationally and internationally. With a combined team experience of over 20 years in the aviation industry, we have had the privilege of working with quite a few established individuals and corporations.

Having a direct relationship with brokers allows ECF access to almost any jet at any time. Our affiliates regularly ensure that all aircraft are maintained to the highest safety standards within the industry, so that we can provide the best services for our clients.

Our company is also certified with IATA, in their Aircraft Acquisition and Financing course. This provides us with the knowledge, understanding and tools to assist with drafting, choosing and negotiating an aircraft acquisition agreement.

We currently outsource these duties to our team of experienced industry professionals. Although we can also assist or provide insight when needed.

Aircraft Acquisition and Financing IATA CertificationOur Mission

At Executive Charter Flights our mission is to promptly connect travelers with the safest and most cost-effective solution for their business travel needs. Our goal is to provide customers with detailed chartering or leasing information so they can plan their trips in a timely manner. We understand the need to fly on demand and are continually working to ensure our clients have the freedom to do that and more.

In 2021, we plan to continue improving operations, expanding our client base and offering more cost effective services for your business trips.

ECF Team

Executive Charter Flights