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If you’re looking to charter an aircraft, then look no further. Executive Charter Flights has contacts with some of the most reputable and reliable brokers for luxury charters in the United States. We are one of the leading sources online for finding the best aircraft, lowest rates and most knowledgeable sales reps in the business.

Executive Charter Flights offers many flexible alternative options such as; Empty Legs, Skycard Memberships, Air Cargo and more. Plus, we have access to approximately 7,000 jets worldwide which allows us to live up to our standard of providing “any jet, at any time, at any place”. For top notch service, luxury and convenience at an affordable cost, you can look to us with confidence.

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Chartering a Corporate Jet

How to Rent an Aircraft?

1.) Understand Your Company’s Needs

Understanding your company's needs.

When looking to charter, you’re going to want to consider your business and/or leisure needs before selecting an aircraft. How far are you travelling? How many passengers are travelling with you? How much baggage do you have? And what is your travel budget? These are just a few things you’re going to want to consider before reaching out to a broker and solidifying plans.

If you’re travelling with anywhere up to 7 people. You’re probably going to want to look into a light jet or a very light jet. A light jet will seat up to 10, while a very light jet can average anywhere around 5 to 7 passengers (depending on manufacturer and configuration).

If you happen to be travelling with more than 10 passengers, you’re probably going to want to look into something between a midsize and a heavy / long range jet. On average these can seat anywhere from 7 to 19 passengers depending on the size of the jet and its configuration. The benefit of chartering a larger aircraft besides the extra seats is also the extra space that you have in your cabin. Some come with larger bathrooms, rooms for sleeping, entertainment areas, as well as rooms to conduct meetings or any other business related activities.

If it’s your first time then it may be difficult to know what it is you will need, but having an idea before you get on the phone with an a broker is something to consider.

*Currently two of the most common light jets are the Phenom 300, the Citation CJ4 and the Learjet 70. For midsize jets, the most common available are the Citation XLS, the Legacy 450 and the Challenger 350.

2.) Find a Reputable Brokerage / Operator

Locate a reputable broker you can trust.

For anybody looking to charter, understand that there are two types of companies that you can deal with. One type of company that you will encounter are operators. Operators actually own/manage, physically maintain and fly the aircraft. The other type of company that you will encounter are brokerages. Brokerages are what you would consider a liaison between a customer and an operator. While dealing with an operator can be direct, dealing with a brokerage can provide you with many more options to choose from and potentially better pricing.

Locate a professional company that is known for good service and safety. Only fly with FAA approved companies/pilots that consistently keep up with training and adhere to the rules and regulations.

Also, your brokerage should be willing to listen to your needs and provide a solution that best works for you and your company. Try to avoid companies that aren’t willing to spend the necessary time to educate and make you feel comfortable with your trip. Flying private charter is a service and it starts from the minute your operator answers the phone.

3.) Plan Your Trip

Plan your itinerary.

How far in advance do you need to book? Are you planning a business trip next week, or are you looking to fly by end of day within 5 hours? The benefit of flying private is that you do have the flexibility to book in advance or fly almost right away. However, knowing in advance will make your booking easier and more seamless for you and your broker.

You most likely already have an idea of where you’re going, but you may want to change which airport you fly in/out of, there may be an empty leg that you can catch that’s cheaper or you may need to schedule some other services when you land at your destination. Your private jet broker can inform you about all of that. Flying into a major airport can be very busy, although flying into a more private location can be less stressful and more relaxing.

4.) Ask For Photos

Ask for photos of your aircraft.

At Executive Charter Flights’ we do our best to provide our clients with as much information as possible before embarking on their trip. Photos are definitely an area that we believe is important for providing a visual experience for the customer before they board their aircraft. Having a visual of the aircraft that you will be travelling in before is not only great to see. It’s also great for making plans ahead of schedule. Plans such as where to host a meeting, where to do a presentation, where to have lunch etc.

5.) Ask Questions

Ask as many questions as you need.

Any question(s) that you may have about your trip, we believe is an important one. We highly encourage our clients to ask questions, mostly because the more information that you have about your trip before, is the better chance you will know what to expect and have an enjoyable experience.

Good questions to consider asking your broker are:

Safety (including health and safety guidelines)

How many pilots?

Who owns the aircraft?

What are the daily minimums and taxi fees? etc.


Executive Charter Flights is a great place to find brokers that provide top notch customer service. They are willing to listen, educate and provide the some of the most affordable solutions for your business. We have a very close affiliation with some of the top companies in the industry and can put you in touch with one of their representatives once you have completed a request for a quote.

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Top 5 Airports for Executive Travel in The USA
# Airport Code City State
1 Miami Int’l Airport KMIA / MIA Miami Florida
2 Van Nuys Airport KVNY / VNY Van Nuys California
3 Boston Logan Int’l KBOS / BOS Boston Massachusetts
4 Chicago Midway Int’l Airport KMDW / MDW Chicago Illinois
5 Dulles Int’l Airport KIAD / IAD Dullies Virginia

Airports are listed in no particular order.

We do our best to listen to your needs so that we can provide top notch customer service. We understand that traveling is important to your business and that’s why we work so hard to get you the best flights at the most competitive prices possible. 

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