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Buying a Private Jet

If you’re looking for more information on how to buy a private jet for personal or business purposes, be sure to see our guide below. Are you a first time buyer? If so, then you may be wondering a few things. For example: how much does it cost? where to buy one? or more importantly, if you really need one? If you’re a business or an aviation company then you’re probably more interested in pricing, leasing information, fractional ownership or what aircraft are available to suit your needs.

We understand that purchasing an aircraft is a considerable investment of time and money. Not only are you paying for the aircraft, but you’re also expected to pay other recurring fees to maintain and operate your jet. Most experts in aviation will say that if you typically fly anywhere up to and above 400 hours per year, that you should seriously look into owning your own. Although, in some cases that’s not really true. (Keep in mind that most dealers will not lease for anything less than 50 hours per month, or 600 hours per year.)

If you’re seriously interested in buying or leasing a corporate jet, then see below for a brief overview & step by step guide on how to get started. We have access to almost any type of aircraft or helicopter available on the market. If you have any questions at all feel free to call or send us an email.

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Available Manufacturers

Learjet, Gulfstream, Dassault, Bombardier, Boeing, Airbus, Beechcraft (Hawker), Cessna, Embraer

*Plus, access to aircraft that are not publicly advertised worldwide*

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Brief Overview: Step By Step Guide

Helpful tips that will save you time!

1.) Determine Your Travel Needs

What size do you or your company need?

Is this aircraft strictly for business travel? Is the aircraft going to be used to start an airline? Most buyers already have a general idea of what they plan to use the aircraft for but aren’t sure which jet will suit them best for their needs. For example, you may have your eyes set on the new Honda Jet but if you’re looking to start an airline it may be a little bit too small for all of your passengers.

Knowing what the aircraft is for and determining size are very important. Don’t just take into account the number of people but also look at how far you plan on traveling on a regular basis.

2.) How Much Does It Cost?

Costs: How Much $ is a Private Jet Worth?

A business jet or airliner on its own can cost you anywhere from $1 million USD all the way up to $400 million USD, but the costs don’t stop there. You’re also going to have to take into account regular maintenance checks, paying your pilot and flight crews, insurance, fuel, parking, storage, take off and landing fees and also any lawyer fees that you may have been billed (see #3 below). (**Operational and maintenance costs can also range between $600,000 – $5 million USD per year. Depending on the size of your aircraft.)

3.) Find an Aviation Lawyer

Get a Lawyer and stay ahead of the game!

Unfortunately buying a private jet isn’t as easy as buying a car. There are many FAA-Compliance regulations as well as tax related legalities you must adhere to once you purchase your jet. Having a legal advisor on your side will help make this process a lot easier and save you headaches down the road. Be sure you don’t just seek out any lawyer. Ensure they are an Aviation lawyer and that they deal with private jet sales for a living. Most aviation lawyers can be found through Aviation consultants, which we can put you in touch with.

4.) Test and Inspect

Testing and Inspecting

When making a purchase of this amount you want to be sure you get a chance have it professionally tested and inspected by an engineer before you make your final decision. You never know what kind of maintenance may need to be performed, especially when purchasing used. Any potential maintenance costs may also be grounds for re-negotiation on your contract.

To some buyers, having your aircraft tested is only required if you’re purchasing new. To others, getting an inspection is imperative whether new or used.

5.) Find a Management Company

Hire an Aircraft Management Company

Now before you purchase a private jet, its very important to find a company that can maintain and oversee your aircraft. This includes maintenance, insurance, fuel, parts plus the hiring of a pilot and flight crew. Without a management team you will have a very difficult time getting your jet into the air.


Executive Charter Flights has an experienced sales team with a strong background in aircraft leasing and sales who are able to assist you with all of the above and more. Not only do we provide uncompromising customer service and professionalism, but we also provide access to a wide selection of private aircraft’s for purchase at affordable prices.


Information On The Benefits Of Leasing

Our relationships are not only considered strong but also trustworthy as we only work with safe and reputable companies in the industry. Whether you are looking to start an airline or reduce fiscal travel costs for your business, Executive Charter Flights can help you find the most suitable private jet for your corporate or personal needs. We have great connections with brokers and are able to get you the best deals available on almost any aircraft of your choice.

See below for pricing information and don’t hesitate to send us an email so that we can put you in touch with one of our knowledgeable sales reps.

Private Jet Sizes & Prices

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Top 5 Aircraft for Sale
# Manufacturer/Model Capacity Top Speed MSRP
1 Cessna Citation XLS 12 PAX 505 MPH P.O.R
2 Gulfstream G550 14 PAX 560 MPH P.O.R
3 Cessna CJ3 8 PAX 480 MPH P.O.R
4 Hawker 850XP 15 PAX 555 MPH P.O.R
5 Challenger 300 11 PAX 540 MPH P.O.R

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