Located in France, Dassault Aviation was founded in 1929 by Marcel Bloch (now Marcel Dassault) and is known as an international French aircraft manufacturer of military jets, business aircraft and space systems. Dassault currently has representation across 80 countries, in five different continents. Their product line includes; Falcon business jet and support services, military and civil aircraft support / services and more.

Approximately sometime in the 1970s, twin engines were not allowed to fly overseas. This was due to the fact that with this configuration, they were not considered safe. The reason for this was because it was said that if one of the 2 engines were to fail, the aircraft would only be able to continue flight for up to another hour. In most cases leaving only enough time to transition to another airport.

It was later discovered by others like McDonnell Douglas, that a configuration with 3 engines, would be able to complete a longer flight distance in case one of the engines were to fail. This was also recognized by Dassault and what influenced their decision to include a trijet configuration with their Falcon 900, 7X, & 8X aircraft models.

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