Preowned Cessna Citation CJ4 Aircraft Costs

The Cessna Citation CJ4 is an upgrade to the CJ3 and is the largest and longest range aircraft in the CJ lineup. This light jet was launched in October 2006 at the NBAA Conference and started sales & deliveries in 2010. The upgraded version has a larger / wider cabin (21 inches longer than the CJ3), increased range, a new wing structure and more.

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The CJ4 is powered by two Williams FJ44-4A turbofans with 3,400 pounds-force of thrust each. It has a maximum cruise speed of Mach 0.67 and an economy cruise speed of Mach 0.57. It also has a maximum range of 2,165 nautical miles (4,010 km) with a maximum altitude of 45,000 ft.

This aircraft allows you to seat up to 10 passengers and provides 3,410 ft (1,136 m) takeoff distance along with 2,940 ft (896 m) of landing distance. It’s maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) is 17,110 lbs and max landing weight (MLW) is 15,660 lbs.


The cabin in this aircraft measures 4’9″ ft in height, 4’10” ft in width and 17’4” ft in length. It has 5+1 starboard windows for natural and comfortable lighting. Plus, has a more spacious galley and room for baggage.

Rockwell Collins Proline 21 Avionics has been implemented into the cockpit. Similar to the XLS+, it provides a 4 screen LCD EFIS display for helping the pilot with overall awareness of important navigational tasks.

*These are general specifications of the above mentioned aircraft. Please see each listing for details on their individual specifications, layout and performance.

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