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The Hawker 4000 (HA4T) is a super mid-size business jet that was announced in 1996. There were a few prototypes that performed their maiden flights in the early 2000s. However the 4000 did not enter production until sometime in 2008.

This model is an upgrade to the Hawker 1000. While being a larger aircraft, the range, cruise speed, service ceiling and fuel capacity are also a few improvements that can be identified. Similar aircraft that compete with the 4000 include the Gulfstream G200 series, the Citation X and the Challenger 300 series. (1)

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With a new standard Autothrottle system. The Hawker 4000 is also powered by twin Pratt & Whitney Canada PW308A engines with approximately 6,900 lbs force of thrust. Which are also FADEC controlled (Full Authority Digital Engine Control). With 4 passengers on board, this aircraft can travel to a maximum range of 3,190 nautical miles. It also has a maximum cruise speed of approximately Mach 0.84.

In a standard configuration, the Hawker 4000 can seat between 8 to 14 passengers including pilot and crew. When it comes to the maximum takeoff weight (MTOW), this aircraft is able to carry approximately 39,500 lbs. Its maximum landing weight (MLW) is around 33,500 lbs and its maximum payload is approximately 2,300 lbs. Also, the maximum service ceiling is near 45,000 ft. (2)


As you move to the interior. You recognize that the cabin is filled with 14 windows, to help increase the natural lighting. The cabin itself measures approximately; 6 ft in height, 6 ft 5″ in width and 25 ft in length. It also has an internal baggage compartment that is approximately 114 ft³ in volume.

In the flight deck you will find the Honeywell Primus Epic flight control system. This includes five 8×10-in high resolution LCD displays, along with two smaller multifunction displays. You can also find a dual Flight Management System, dual Inertial navigation system and more. (3)

Additional Information:

  • The Hawker 4000 was originally known as the Hawker Horizon and is recognized as one of the largest aircraft in the Hawker family.
  • The overall wingspan of this aircraft is approximately 61 ft 9″, while its overall length is around 69 ft 6″.

*These are general specifications of the above mentioned aircraft. Please see each listing for details on their individual specifications, layout and performance.

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