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Announced at the 2018 NBAA convention, the Embraer Praetor 500 is a mid-size business jet that is largely based on the Legacy 450. It was certified by the ANAC (Agencia Nacional de Aviacao Civil) in August 2019. Then received certifications from the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) and FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) in September 2019. It wasn’t until the third quarter of 2019 when the first delivery of the mid-size jet took place.

Some improvements found on the Praetor 500 include; longer range, more fuel capacity, maximum take off weight (MTOW) and more. (1,2)

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Similar to The Legacy 450, the powerplant found on the Praetor 500 includes dual Honeywell HTF7500E turbofans, with approximately 6,540 lbs force of thrust. In a standard configuration, this aircraft can travel with up to 7 to 9 passengers. With 4 passengers, this aircraft can travel up to a maximum range of 3,340 nautical miles.

The high-speed cruise found on this aircraft is approximately Mach 0.70, while its maximum operating Mach is around Mach 0.83. You will also notice a maximum cruise altitude of 45,000 ft, a maximum takeoff distance of 4,222 ft and a maximum landing distance of 2,086 ft. (3)


The Praetor 500 interior is also designed by Bossa Nova. It provides unique stitching that is inspired by the sidewalks of Ipanema Beach, carbon fiber materials and more. Designed as a stand-up cabin with a flat floor, you will realize that it measures approximately; 6 ft in height, 6 ft 10″ in width and 24 ft in length. When it comes to the baggage compartment, it is capable of storing 150 ft³ in volume.

In terms of avionics, this aircraft uses the Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion. Besides the suites Synthetic Vision System (SVS), Head-Up Display (HUD) and Enhanced Vision. The flight deck comes equipped with four 15-in high resolution LCD displays. Fly-by-wire with side-stick controls and more. (4)

Additional Info

  • In 2019, the Praetor 500 was recognized as one of the fastest and farthest flying mid-size jets.
  • The wingspan of this aircraft is approximately 70 ft 6″, while its exterior length is around 64 ft 7″.

*These are general specifications of the above mentioned aircraft. Please see each listing for details on their individual specifications, layout and performance.

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