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The King Air 350 is a dual engine turboprop from Beechcraft, that had its first flight in 1988 and first entered service in 1990. It was initially called the Super King Air and is an upgrade to the 300 model. Some notable areas of improvement include the winglets and an increased wingspan by approximately 3 ft 3″. Also, you can find an extended fuselage with an additional 2 ft 10″ of space.

With over 500 turboprops delivered. In 2008, King Air decided to announce the 350i which improved areas of the aircraft within the cabin interior. (1)

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This aircraft is powered by two 4 bladed Hartzell feathering reversible-pitch propellers. Accompanied by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-60A reverse flow turbine engines. With each engine rated at 1,050 shp (shaft horsepower). In a standard configuration, the 350 can seat between 9-11 passengers (including crew) and has room for a dual club seating arrangement. The flight deck is capable of seating two crew, although is also single pilot certified.

The maximum range on this aircraft is approximately 1,550 nautical miles. Its normal range is around 1,440 nautical miles and its maximum service ceiling is 35,000 ft. The maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) and maximum landing weight (MLW) of this turboprop is the same at around 15,000 lbs. Also, the maximum cruise speed that you will find is approximately Mach 0.47. (2)


The cabin found on this aircraft is quite spacious and is approximately 3 ft longer than the 200 model. The internal dimensions measure 4 ft 9″ in height, 4 ft 6″ in width and 19 ft 6″ in length. It is pressurized and includes a private and quite large lavatory in the aft / rear. The internal baggage compartment is approximately 55.3 cubic feet. It is also located in the aft where it is accessible in flight and heated.

When it comes to the avionics. The 350 uses the Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite. It includes dual 8×10″ flat screen primary flight displays, along with a central multifunction display. It also includes the FMS-3000 flight management system, turbulence detection radar and more. (3)


The cabin in the 350i has been redesigned to be somewhat equivalent to that of a high-end business jet. It’s seating configuration is also quite versatile, with the ability to add more passengers or luggage capacity when needed (see their Flexcabin technology).

Additionally within the cabin, the seat design and floor lighting have been improved. Moreover, within the cabin interior. There is an upgraded cabin management system (CMS). Plus, you should notice reduced noise levels, when compared to previous variants. (4)

In 2020, The 350i was among the top 5 selling turboprops, with 34 sold.

Additional Info

  • The ER (extended rage) variant adds approximately 800 additional nautical miles to the overall range.
  • 360 was announced in August of 2020 and had its first delivery in November of that same year.
  • The turbofans on this aircraft are considered very reliable and among the most efficient turboprop engines in the industry today.

*These are general specifications of the above mentioned aircraft. Please see each listing for details on their individual specifications, layout and performance.

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