Pilatus PC-12 Turboprop - 2020 Top Seller

The sale of all turboprops in 2020 was slightly reduced when compared to the previous year. Due to the health crisis, state of the economy and other foreseeable or unforeseeable factors. The sale of turboprops has dropped approximately 15.6% last year, when compared to 2019. Making the amount delivered in 2020 to total 443 units. (1)

Similar to the findings in our article on the 5 bestselling business jets in 2020. There are some manufacturers that haven’t really noticed a difference, some who sold more, and others who have sales that have dropped off significantly.

For more information on the top 5 selling turboprops in 2020 (or aircraft families / series), be sure to read below.

1. Pilatus PC-12

Pilatus PC-12If you look at previous years, sales and deliveries of the PC-12 have pretty much remained quite consistent. When observing the numbers from 2017 until now. You will realize that it has been up and down every year, although not by a noticeable amount. Overall it’s pretty safe to say that the numbers have remained the same, which interestingly makes the Pilatus PC-12 the best selling turboprop in 2020.

Total Sold: 82 Units / Aircraft
More Info: Pilatus – PC-12

2. Cessna Grand Caravan EX

Grand Caravan EXAgain, while referencing back as far as 2017. You will notice a difference in the sales from last year. 2018 & 2019 appear to be fairly strong years for the Caravan EX. Although in 2020, they sold just over half of what they sold in those previous years. While being the second most sold and delivered turboprop, the Cessna Grand Caravan EX has delivered 43 in 2020 as per the GAMA report.

Total Sold: 43 Units / Aircraft

3. Daher TBM 940

TBM 940With initial deliveries commencing in mid 2019. The TBM 940 was a standout. It actually sold better in 2020 than it did the year before. Again, not by much. However, definitely something to make note of, considering the events of that year and the state of the economy.

Total Sold: 41 Units / Aircraft
More Info: Daher – TBM 940

*The Air Tractor AT-802A agriculture aircraft has also sold 41 units.

4. Piper M600 / SLS

Piper M600While being the first general aviation aircraft to be standard equipped for the HALO Safety System. The Piper M600 / SLS has actually sold quite consistent when compared to previous years. In 2019 there was a dip. Although in 2020, it seemed to recover back to where it was in 2017 & 2018. One thing to keep in mind, is that the SLS variant was announced sometime at the end of 2019 / early 2020. Deliveries are scheduled for June 2021, as it just recently received its EASA approval. (2)

Total Sold: 36 Units / Aircraft
More Info: Piper – M600 / SLS

5. Beechcraft King Air 350i / 360 / ER

King Air 350i

This twin turbine business turboprop series has sold less in 2020 than in previous years. Now unfortunately the GAMA report shows a general number for units sold in 2020 (350i, 360, ER), and does not break down which model sold how many units.

Another interesting point to note. Is that in previous years, the 360 was not available. So the sales numbers for the King Air 360 are not shown before 2020. What this really means, is the King Air 300 series has sold less in 2020, despite the addition of the 360 to their lineup of turboprops.

Total Sold: 34 Units / Aircraft
More Info: King Air – 350/350i

Final Words

We hope this brief synopsis of the five most delivered turboprops in 2020 has helped provide deeper insight into how the market has been affected last year. Having an idea of what type of aircraft you would like to travel in, finance or purchase is difficult enough as it is. Although having sales data to analyze and compare. Makes finalizing that selection a little bit easier.

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