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The Gulfstream G450 is an upgrade from the Gulfstream IV (G4 / GIV) and was approved by the FAA in August of 2004. After approximately 14 years in production, Gulfstream has shipped more than 360 aircraft before shifting their focus towards the G500.

Despite the upgrade, the G450 has a number of similarities to the GIV. However, it does incorporate many aspects of the GV as well. For example, the nose of the aircraft was modeled very similar to the G550. Along with that, the GV’s automated pressurization and electrical systems have also been included.

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Available Listings - Gulfstream G450

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2008 Gulfstream G450

San Marino 🇸🇲
Delivered w/ Fresh 12 Year Inspection
  • Serial #: 4115
  • Total Time: 6,615.3
  • # of Seats: 16

Rolls Royce Corporate Care / Fwd Galley / Broad-Band Multi Link (BBML) / Planeview Avionics/ Navigation Enhancement / CPDLC-Fans 1/A / ADS-B Out

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Sept 12th 2021

Available Listing Mobile - Gulfstream G450


2008 Gulfstream G450

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  • Serial #: 4115
  • Total Time: 6,615.3
  • # of Seats: 16
San Marino
Sept 12th 2021 11:34 PM


Originally equipped with two Rolls-Royce Tay 611-8 engines, the G450 has upgraded to the Tay 611-8C’s with FADEC. Each having approximately 13,850 lbs pounds force of thrust. This aircraft can seat up to 19 passengers including pilot and crew. Has a maximum cruise speed of Mach 0.88 and a maximum cruise altitude / service ceiling of 45,000 ft.

The aircraft also has a range of approximately 4,200 nautical miles when carrying 8 passengers at an average cruise speed of Mach 0.80. In terms of maximum take off weight (MTOW), the G450 can handle approximately 74,600 lbs. As for maximum landing weight (MLW), it can support approximately 66,000 lbs.


In a standard configuration, the G450 comes with three sections or living areas. It also has a very similar design to the G550 when it comes to the forward fuselage and cockpit area. The cabin measures 6 ft 2″ in height, 7 ft 4″ in width and 40 ft 4″ in length (excluding baggage).

As for the cockpit and avionics. The G450 uses the PlaneView which has four 14 inch LCD displays and an (HUD) display as well. This is in conjunction with Honeywell’s Primus Epic cockpit display systems. It also comes with an Enhanced Vision System (EVS) to help reduce pilot workload, increase situational awareness and improve overall safety.

Additional Information

  • The Global Express 5000 and the Falcon 900EX are very close competitors in terms of design and performance.
  • The GIV is one of the first business jets to install a full glass cockpit.
  • This aircraft is considered by many in the industry as one of the best selling business jets of all time.


*These are general specifications of the above mentioned aircraft. Please see each listing for details on their individual specifications, layout and performance.

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