New Bombardier Challenger 3500 Aircraft Specs

Announced on September 14th 2021, the Bombardier Challenger 3500 is the latest super mid-size jet being released by the manufacturer. It is said to carry a price of approximately $26.7 million USD and is planned to enter service sometime in the latter half of 2022.

While hosting an event located at Bombardier facilities in Montreal, Canada. The manufacturer explained how the 3500 was built based on the Challenger 300 series. It is also planned to feature all capabilities of the Challenger 350 as per Bombardier. (1)

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Besides its similarities to the 350. The 3500 has a maximum range of approximately 3,400 nautical miles, at a speed of Mach 0.77. That’s an additional 200 nautical miles when compared to the 350 model. It does appear however, as though the 3500 achieves this with less passengers (4 pax/2 crew). Overall, the aircraft is capable of seating up to 10 passengers in a standard configuration.

The powerplant on the Challenger 3500 has remained the same. Powered by twin Honeywell HTF7350 turbofans, with approximately 7,323 lbs force of thrust. The high-speed cruise found on this aircraft is approximately Mach 0.82. While its maximum cruise speed is around Mach 0.83.

The service ceiling on the 3500 is approximately 45,000 ft. Its maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) is around 40,600 lbs and its maximum landing weight (MLW) is close to 34,150 lbs. (2)


During the event, Bombardier revealed that they will incorporate some advanced cabin features. These features include but aren’t limited to; wireless charging, redesigned interior, Nuage seating and voice-controlled cabin management. The voice-controlled cabin technology is said to be the first for temperature, entertainment and lighting.

The cabin dimensions found on the 3500 measure approximately; 6 ft in height, 7 ft 2″ in width and 25 ft 2″ in length. These dimensions are achieved while excluding the baggage compartment. The compartment itself is accessible in flight and can hold around 106 ft³ of volume.

The Challenger 3500 comes with an advanced avionics suite that features 4 large LCD displays. You will also find a Head-Up Display (HUD) using the Enhanced Vision System (EVS), MultiScan weather radar, Dual Inertial Reference System (IRS), Autothrottle and much more. (3)

Additional Information:

  • The 3500 is the second aircraft from Bombardier (first among mid-size jets) that features Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). The Global 7500 was the first.
  • As per Bombardier, Nuage seats is one of the biggest changes to the design and operation of business jet seating in almost 30 years. It offers quite a few features including the industry’s first “zero gravity position”.
  • The cabin interior features 12 windows (6 on each side), which help to provide natural and abundant light for passengers.

*These are general specifications of the above mentioned aircraft. Please see each listing for details on their individual specifications, layout and performance.

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